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"Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel"

As members of our church, we seek to make Christ known through our words and actions in the community. We also support mission projects to distant places in the world. Our missions outreaches are listed below.  Members are encouraged to pray for them regularly and give of our resources as set forth in the scriptures and the early church. 

Marc and Judy Blackwell - South Africa

Edwin and Christina Pabalan - Philippines

Ed Christopher Pabalan, Jr - Philippines

Edgar and Sandra Palotes - Philippines

Arnie and Rose Suan - Philippines

Robert and Aly Cupps - Peru

Richard and Leah Jacob - Church Planting in America

Alicia Loquias - Philippines Christian Aid Missions)

Benji Loquias - Philippines (Christian Aid Missions)

Jim and Myra Wright - Furlough Replacement

Bill and Mary Standridge - Rome

Nathan and Mary Stanley - Mexico

World Missionary Press

Single Lady Missionary to 10-40 Window

Hung and Priscilla Kim - Myanmar

Steve and Jenny Sauvageot - Australia

Radio Bible Class

Christian Law Association

John & Paula Gardner -Amazing Grace Missions(Fair)

 Jordan And Abby Webb - St. Lucia 

    Making Much of the Word

    610 West Alto Road | Kokomo, IN 46902 | PH: (765) 453-9768 | FAX: (765) 453-3899

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