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You Are Not Alone
The Counselors at Victory know that life can sometimes seem overwhelming.  It is at such times a person, couple or family needs someone who can help them sort out the tangle life often becomes.  Are you struggling in your personal life with addictions, anger or depression? Are you a couple who can’t seem to get back what seems to have been lost in your relationship?  Maybe you are a parent struggling with children making bad choices and behavioral problems.

You Are Not Without Hope

Solving problems is rarely easy nor instantaneous.  Having someone with spiritual insight to come alongside you and coach you, from a Biblical perspective, is why Victory Counseling is here.  Victory counselors are not miracle workers, but they can guide you to the truths of the One Who is. 

You Can Discover The Answers

God has provided answers for every problem that mankind may have.  The Creator who made us has provided the manual to help us live lives that are pleasing to him, if we are willing to apply His truths to our lives, marriage and family.  Hurting isn’t pleasant nor is it always easy to submit to Biblical solutions to find joy in living a life set free in God. 

Caring and Trained Counselors
The counselors at Victory have been specifically trained in Biblical Counseling to help you to establish and strengthen your relationship with God, your spouse and your family. 
We are currently able to provide this service to you without cost to you, thanks to our host church providing the facilities and the counseling staff volunteering their time. 

What Are Counseling Sessions Like?
You can have confidence that all interaction with your counselor(s) will be held strictly private unless the counselor believes that it would not be Biblical to not bring others in, such as criminal activity.  You can have confidence that you will be treated with utmost respect by a counselor that truly cares for you.  You can have confidence that you will be guided in Biblical principles that will be geared to making you more like our Savior and your home a little more like heaven.  You must commit to being honest, doing any homework you may be assigned and being patient with the counseling process. 

Note: An intake information form may need to be completed prior to counseling sessions. 

For  more information or to set up an appointment call:  765-453-9768.

    Making Much of the Word

    610 West Alto Road | Kokomo, IN 46902 | PH: (765) 453-9768 | FAX: (765) 453-3899

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